Become a UTWARN member:

Membership Invite Letter
UT-WARN is currently in the process of accepting members and constructing a database and website for member's to utilize. To join, follow the three steps below:

Step 1: Download and submit UTWARN Mutual Aid Agreement

Download the UTWARN Agreement and submit by mail to:

Rural Water Association of Utah
Attn: Shantell Cummins / UTWARN
76 Red Pine Drive
Alpine, UT 84004
Phone: 801-756-5123
Fax: 801-756-5036

IMPORTANT!: After you dowload the UTWARN Agreement we need you to complete STEP #2 (listed below) – We will keep your Emergency Contact Information on file and it will be matched up with your submitted UTWARN Agreement. This also gives us a way to contact you to let you know we received it as well as provide you with member access -Thank you!

Step 2: Fill out & submit System Emergency Contact Information

Submit System Emergency Contact Information
(Should be submitted during time of the WARN Agreement and updated if necessary)
This information will be password protected under the Members Only Section.

Step 3: Sign up with UTWARN Twitter in order to recieve the UTWARN emergency information and updates via text message

UTWARN Twitter – Click here to sign up or follow & receive tweets
(Note: In the event of an emergency, some communications may be done via text messages due that they are more likely to go through than phone calls)

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